Regular Cleaning

Trust the service professionals who are able to offer you comparable costs for superior performance. We provide regular cleaning and maintenance for large and small businesses, various businesses, housing associations, government institutions and individuals. We also carry out cleaning after reconstruction, renovation, painting, construction of new buildings, etc.

The work is done according to the client's requirements within the proposed schedule and the required intervals. During the implementation of our projects, we provide a clean, organized and hygienic work environment, which contributes to a good atmosphere, thus contributing to a greater efficiency of work. Cleaning totally adapted to your conditions of use.

Regular cleaning services

  • Carry out all cleaning services according to customer needs.
  • At the request, we prepare the detailed plan and schedule for cleaning.
  • At the request of the sanitation plan will be developed according to HACCP.
  • We can supply all necessary detergents and disinfectants.
  • For food we issue detergent certificates for use in the food industry.
  • We deliver products: toilet paper, ZZ folded towels, soaps, balsams handy to spray the tray into the social space, etc.
  • We provide optimum technical equipment, taking into account the nature of the premises and the requirements of the customer.
  • We provide care for outdoor areas, green spaces, car parks, and pedestrian areas.
  • Additional services according to customer requirements.

The cleaning service is provided and adapted to the customer's needs required by an operator or a permanent team of workers. In each operation, where services are provided by a regular cleaning is also determined by a responsible person. It is responsible for the assigned object, regularly monitors and coordinates the execution of the individual work and is in permanent contact with the client. The cleaning services are carried out in the work or in the working time according to the needs of the client so as not to disrupt the client's work schedule. We are able to provide cleaning and operational and superior and superior cleaning or other services related to object management.


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