Complete care services for property and premises

Let real estate care for professionals who will provide for you a full range of services at the highest level. For our customers, we perform a set of services to eliminate them from unproductive business activities. Customers can therefore focus on developing their business and key business-related activities.

The most widespread service we provide today is complete cleaning services, facility management, building care, real estate and customer care areas, so-called: Facility management and technical property management. We perform one-off and regular cleaning and maintenance activities for large and small businesses, companies, housing communities, state institutions and private individuals. We also provide security services, reception and car care services so-called Fleet management

We can ensure the range of services according to the customer in any part of Slovakia.

Our target - the right solution for you

  • Provide services at the right time
  • Provide services in a better quality than the customer expects
  • Save the customer time, money and staff
  • Provide quality advice to the customer in real estate management
  • Deliver to the customer quality material

Our services - benefits for you

  • Top quality work
  • High efficiency and team performance
  • Training staff
  • High-quality accessories and technology
  • Independent control
  • Mobility
  • Built-up system
  • Short reaction times and mobile call service


Service Plus Slovensko, s.r.o., Záhonok 2448/39, 960 01 Zvolen
+421 907 646 058


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