Cleaning companies

The Company Service Slovensko Plus has set up a cleaning business strategy to provide a reliable, friendly, professional and guaranteed cleaning service, high quality at a reasonable price.

Cleaning companies

Upratovanie firiemWe offer companies a regular cleaning of office space by standardized processes to ensure quality service to all types of customers.
Thanks to our elaborate cleaning service, you can entrust us with all your tasks to leave to the care of our workers all the necessary processes as well to the cleaning level as the logistics of consumable equipment. This allows you to focus on your core business and increase your productivity and efficiency.

Cleaning service

We provide a complete cleaning service from simple cleaning to maintenance. We supply toiletries, and other consumables.
We are confident that time saved together with us will bring more profit and satisfaction. Our cleaning company provides a high quality cleaning service - Cleaning your workplace means meeting labor standards, better presenting your business, as well as greater durability to your interiors and your facilities.

We believe that the appearance in your workspace can positively influence your employees first, but also probably your potential customers, visitors and suppliers.

Our cleaning service will ensure the development of a system of cleaning activities in different areas of the company, with the schedule set and plans for cleaning. Inspection and preventive action envisages ensuring that the general level of cleanliness is constant, with maintenance and systematic improvement.

Cleaning services

We are flexible in our work and cleaning services tailored to your needs, on request of your work outside working hours, evening or weekend. You can reduce your costs by giving us the care and custody of your workplace and all your cleaning services.

Customized cleaning services according to your needs and requirements.


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