Cleaning of production areas

Cleanliness in the industrial process is very important for the manufacture of products in full quality, without defects. We recognize the importance of this fact and can therefore clean the production areas carefully.
In the first step, we consider the type and quality of the surface, then we prepare the technological process of purification in practice. If necessary, we communicate with the suppliers of the surfaces, technical equipment so that we can avoid damaging the accessories and ensure a cleaning of the most effective surface.

Cleaning of warehouse and logistics areas

Storage as an intermediate step between production and delivery of goods to customers is important in terms of cleanliness and provision of cleaning services.
Most of the warehouse space consists of a set of shelves and logistical access routes.

Wiping dust and maintaining a clean environment is essential not only to the extent possible to avoid contamination of the product and in inaccessible locations.
The very important part is the selection of the appropriate machine for cleaning floors. For different types of packaging and storage of products we use different types of soil machines to ensure efficient cleaning and prevent movement of handling equipment in stock.


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