Cleaning services

Cleaning and complete cleaning services

Cleaning services have been provided by Service Plus Slovensko since 2002. It operates throughout the Slovak Republic and provides comprehensive cleaning services for one-off contracts to complement treatment plans, health facilities and sanitation plans such as: Requires HACCP.
For housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance of your property our company provides trained personnel in accordance with all regulations of the Slovak Republic, trained as part of the company's internal guidelines and in cooperation with chemical suppliers of Cleaning and recycling of the dosing system and the application of detergents. The quality of our chemicals and machinery, which are carried out cleaning services is confirmed by many years of experience and cooperation with reputable suppliers.

Trust the service professionals who are able to offer you comparable costs for superior performance. We provide regular cleaning and maintenance for large and small businesses, various businesses, housing associations, government institutions and individuals. We also carry out cleaning after reconstruction, renovation, painting, construction of new buildings, etc.

We are able to provide an operational and extraordinary cleaning and superior cleaning and cleaning or other services related to the management of the objects. We offer each client an individual approach that will meet their needs.


Service Plus Slovensko, s.r.o., Záhonok 2448/39, 960 01 Zvolen
+421 907 646 058


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