Laundering and ironing

We provide the services of laundering and ironing of different textiles: from kitchens, restaurants, or workwear, which are the most demanding area of ​​laundry care due to high levels of dirt or animal fats, biological materials, and dyes.

In case of cleaning of industrial and working clothes  it is about contamination by mineral or synthetic oils, paints, pigments or building materials.

We follow strict measures in the field of the medical and food textiles washing, which is necessary due to contamination by microorganisms or by biological material.

We use high-quality ways and means to increase security and guarantee disinfection and to be compliant with legislative standards.

We carry out washing and ironing of linen and textiles, highlighting the highest quality.

We can wash and iron effectively the slightly soiled textiles, but on the other side can handle with no problems with heavy pollution, thinking about the consideration of the fine textiles.


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