Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools

Without adequate maintenance, the life of your pool is considerably reduced. In addition, swimming in water not perfectly clean it is certainly doesn’t make a good impression on you neither on your customers.

Just have the right tools and helpers and you can enjoy the new moments of relaxation during the summer time.

The basis is prevention, but also, mechanical cleaning is not less important. The basic principle of the mechanical removal of impurities is a net that easily eliminates floating insects, leaves and other impurities.

By mechanical cleaning is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the quality of the water in the pool. The chemical cleaning is also very useful. Inappropriate use or non-use the chemical preparation is the frequent cause of problems.

What exactly does our work consist of?

  • Cleaning the pool
  • Cleaning of rolling devices (covering)
  • Vacuuming of dirt on the bottom of the pool
  • Cleaning of the pool fulfill with water (stains, limestone, floating debris, etc.)

Control of swimming pools:

  • Mechanical water treatment (filter cleaning etc.)
  • Chemical water treatment (filter cleaning, calibration, etc.)
  • Disinfection of swimming pool water (disinfection, pH, and others)
  • Automatic and Semi-automatic vacuum machines
  • Dehumidification equipment

The dosage of chemicals in swimming pools:

  • Disinfection, pH
  • Stabilizers, etc
Winterizing pools:
  • Dosing of wintering aids
  • Dewatering pool technology and complex pool preparation during the winter time, including freezing pool protection


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