Cleaning is one of our key activity within Housekeeping. Every visitor to the hotel, guesthouse, congress rooms, but also visitors to your home expect the cleanliness and order in each room.

Common social rooms also include social spaces, or kitchens, canteens, where cleanliness is very important factor for ensuring a visit´s good feeling.

In the accommodation facilities and households, we provide a complete solution for one-off cleaning activities and regular cleaning services. The client does not have to deal with hygiene and cleaning.

We provide tailor-made long-term solutions, but we can solve the emergency situations where rapid and urgent intervention is needed.

We can elaborate the complete hygiene plans by HACCP as well as a simple cleaning schedule to keep the environment and hygienic standards in mind.


Our cleaning - benefits for you:

  • Top quality cleaning
  • High efficiency and team performance
  • Training staff
  • High-quality cleaning technologies and accessories
  • Independent cleaning check
  • Mobility
  • Flexible cleaning system
  • Short reaction times and mobile cleaning service for calling


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