Housekeeping - Services for hotels and households

Under the “Housekeeping service” we mainly provide the cleaning of guest rooms including all related activities as well as the ways and means of work (detergents, laundry, bed linen, towels).

The name “housekeeping” is not used only in the hotel industry or in the accommodation section but it is also used regarding the management of an ordinary household (in short HK).

Nowadays, housekeeping as a service, is increasingly being used to facilitate the running of an ordinary family (apart the hotels and accommodation services)

This is especially about the time saving of parents or older children.

Housekeeping in the non-commercial sector is covered by traditional homework, but the people often seek same compensation.

Homework is a part of the household and usually in relation with fulfilling specific tasks.

Examples of homework: dishwashing; waste disposal after dinner.





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