Vehicle traffic monitoring

Vehicle tracking serves companies to collect traffic data. Movement data are being obtained from the GPS satellite system and sent via a GSM network to the data center. The data is accessible 24 hours a day online to the user via the website.

Access to all data is possible from any computer connected to the Internet after entering the access name and password.

The basic services associated with the monitoring and operation of vehicles are:

  • Electronic book of Journeys
  • Monthly report
  • Vehicle traffic statistics
  • View drive on the map
  • Reporting about vehicle crash, battery disconnection, or power failure

The benefit for companies is facilitating all administrative and economic operations related to the operation of corporate vehicles.

Main benefits of service:

  • Reduce the cost of running corporate motor vehicles
  • Automatic generation of a book of journeys
  • Identification / prevention of black rides
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Increased vehicle protection
  • Checking the fleet
  • Low investment and operating costs


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