Safety and Health at Work and Fire Protection

The basic assumption to be a successful company in each workplace is the care of employees and those who are aware of the organization in its workplaces and objects. Since the organization pays attention to these areas, it reduces the risk of injuries, life and health threatening and prevents damage to property.

We provide analyzes of potential threats and risks, ensuring prevention, training, inspecting and processing the relevant documentation by a competent person and representing the organization during the audits from the Labor Inspectorate and from State Fire Inspectorate.

Safety and Health at Work (SHW)

  • Authorized security technician (AST), Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 124/2006 Z.z. about SHW and relevant Government Regulations,
  • Safety - technical services within the scope of the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 124/2006 Z.z. about SHW and relevant Government Regulations,
  • Education and training, organization and implementation of courses, training and seminars,
  • Consultancy within the area of SHW,
  • Expert inspections and technical examinations dedicated on technical equipment (VTZ),
  • Training of managers and other employees within the scope of the SHW legislation,
  • Training of workers for work in heights and above free depth,
  • Risk assessment of job positions and professions,
  • Processing of SHW documentation to the extent necessary for a particular subject in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • Construction Safety Coordinator under Government Regulation SR no. 396/2006 Z.z

Fire Protection (FP)

  • Fire Protection Technician within the scope of Act of the National Council of the SR  No. 199/2009 Z.z., Amending Act no. 314/2001 Z.z. Protection against fire
  • Training of the fire-protection patrol of a legal person and workplace,
  • FP training for senior and other staff,
  • Expert inspections of portable fire extinguishers and fire mains including full service, maintenance, repairs, including the supply of new equipment,
  • Elaboration of analyzes and documentation of fire protection in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • Consultancy in the field of FP.

Other services provided under SHW and FP

  • Repairs, pressure tests and replacement of defective or damaged parts of portable fire extinguishers (PFE), measurement and control of fire water pipes, delivery of new PFE,
  • Sale of material (safety signs and tables, evacuation plans, safety instructions, etc.)
  • Performing expert inspections of the special technical equipment according to the special regulations,
  • Performing specialized training and training for specific professions (eg special technical equipment, referent vehicles, etc.)
  • Preparation of further documentation of FP, safety - technical documentation, according to the special requirements,
  • performance of the site safety coordinator's activity under the Government Regulation SR nr.396 / 2006 Z.z. about the minimum safety and health requirements for the site


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