Energy management

Energy consumption is a significant item in the cost balance of each manufacturing enterprise. We call “energy management” a sum of all the activities that define energy-intensive areas in the company, monitor energy performance and optimize it using system tools. Energy management may have immediate results in the form of financial savings for energy use, but its long-term contribution is more significant.

Media Delivery Management

Supply management is a service that can save a lot of money for the supply of individual types of energy to the customer. We provide customer tracking, management, coordination and media purchasing services so that the performance / cost ratio for your subscription parameters increases significantly.

  • Analysis of contractual terms and subscription parameters at present
  • Compare prices and subscription charts with current market options
  • Negotiating prices with suppliers and selecting a suitable vendor (transposing contract terms to a new supplier, or negotiating price optimization with the current vendor)
  • Purchase and distribution of media (meter readings, determination of collection diagrams, reservation of booked capacity)
  • Administrative activities (registration of contracts, invoicing control, re-invoicing)
  • Thermovision measurements

Energy audits

The basic assumption for achieving a reduction in energy consumption is a perfect analysis of the current situation, allowing for the discovery of places with savings potential. Well-developed energy audit is a tool for company management to decide on further energy efficiency improvement, while reducing operating costs.

As per the Energy Efficiency Act no. 476/2008 Z.z. about energy efficiency, the energy consumer in industry and agriculture is required to assess the energy performance of the energy audit industry for the first time within the time table or up to five years of putting on the service.

Energy costumer Total annual energy spend (average over three years) [MWh] all energy media including fuel Assessment period
industry from 5 500 to 20 000
above 20 000
until 31. decembra 2011
until 31. decembra 2013
agriculture above 2 500 to 10 000
above 10 000 to
until 31. decembra 2011
until 31. decembra 2013

To prepare the energy audit we collaborate with the external experts from construction, energy, technical equipment of buildings, environment  etc.

Our team is in cooperation with external experts - specialists in the field of energy, ready to process all necessary documents and prepare a clear energy audit or energy certificate of objects. A detailed report will show you the potential for energy adjustments to buildings that will ensure a lower cost for their operation.


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