Summer maintenance

Within the summer maintenance areas are divided into two groups. The first one represents the hard surfaces, the second one the lawns and the greenery.

Maintenance of reinforced areas

Taking care of hard surfaces means for us to make sure that sidewalks, car parks and roads are clean and safe. For this purpose, we provide the following services:

  • Sweeping reinforced surfaces with machine
  • Cleaning and waste collection manually
  • Spraying against wild plants
  • Small repairs of reinforced areas

Maintenance of green areas

During the green maintenance our employees focus on lawn care and plants. The most important parameter in lawn care is raking of dry grass, aeration and regular mowing with the appropriate type of equipment.
Plant care includes everything that grows above the lawn: flowers, shrubs, trees, rocks and different garden beds. These plants need to be treated with care, which of course our staff experts do and this is always appreciated by our customers.


  • Waste Collection
  • Lawn mowing (with a picker / and with mulch)
  • Aeration of grasslands
  • Green fertilization
  • Tree pruning - spring and summer
  • Raking of dry grass
  • Irrigation + maintenance of irrigation systems



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