Technical equipment

Technical management is carried out on facilities and technical equipment in the agreed areas, buildings, premises and so on.

The customer may use the complete service or only a part of the list of devices on which he is under the technical treatment:

  • Doors, gates, rolling gates
  • Ventilation (filtration, adjustments, regular checks, filling of air conditioners)
  • Sanitary installations (levers, batteries, toilets, siphons, pipe lines)
  • Heating (radiators, valves, radiators in height in the halls)
  • Boiler room (service, inspection, daily (pressure recordings), weekly inspections (valves check) and monthly inspections
  • Compressor, compressed air
  • Battery Room
  • Electrical equipment, switchboards, electrical equipment (repair and maintenance, inspection)
  • Lighting, emergency lighting
  • Gas, water, sanitation
  • Roof, rainwater downspouts, roof windows, lightning, skylights
  • Permanent installations in buildings (guardrails, barriers, other permanent installations), relaxation areas, smoking room, dining room
  • Lifting equipment (crane lifts, etc.)
  • Security systems (security systems, EPS)
  • Fire protection systems (  fire extinguishers)
  • Office furniture and equipment


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